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Mission Statement

The Psychic & Spiritual Fellowship
Our Mission Statement

Our intent is to spread spiritual knowledge and the message of life after loved ones have passed to the other side. We hold regular demonstrations, lectures and development workshops to give insight and understanding on this and many related topics for those wishing to encourage and develop their own spiritual potential.

We work in the light and for the highest good of all who
come into contact with us.

Jacqueline's Biography

How it all began…..

Over 26 years ago, Cambridgeshire based Jacqueline was very afraid of all things connected with mediums and psychics. At the age of 31 with a small child, husband and home to look after, talking to ‘ghosts’ was the last thing on her mind. Why then, over 25 years later, is she now one of the country’s most successful psychic mediums?

During a period of illness, Jacqueline’s brother called to see her with a huge bouquet of flowers. She thought this was lovely, but strange as he was not a well off man. The flowers were “a present from Dad”. This alarmed Jacqueline somewhat – her Father had been dead for some years!

Seeing Jacqueline looking so worried, her brother confessed that he had been to see a medium and received a message from their father in spirit, and that Dad had asked him to bring flowers because of her illness. Although she loved her Father very much, Jacqueline was appalled that her brother had got mixed up “with that sort of thing”.

However, over the next couple of weeks and despite her fear, the thought kept nagging away in her mind that perhaps she too would like to see this lady “who talks to dead people”.

With great trepidation, Jacqueline went to see the medium (Sylvia Pickford). The reading was wonderful and removed Jacqueline’s fear that this could be something bad. Her Dad, amongst others, made contact with her. Jacqueline realised that there was something in all of this, but when Sylvia told her she was also a natural medium and could do this work if she wished, Jacqueline became worried. With reassurance, Sylvia gave Jacqueline her ring to hold (Psychometry). She had no idea what she was supposed to do, but Sylvia encouraged her to just say what she was feeling.

“Immediately I could ‘see’ in my mind’s eye the figure of a young man in motorbike gear with butterflies all around him. I also felt a brief pain in the stomach region”, said Jacqueline. “Sylvia had tears in her eyes. She told me that her 21 year old son had died on his motorbike with injuries to the stomach and that he collected butterflies”. Although a medium herself, Sylvia had never heard from her son, who had passed over 20 years before, through another medium. She was overjoyed to receive the evidence of his survival that day. A very stunned and surprised Jacqueline was asked to join Sylvia’s development teaching circle as a pupil and was to start the following week.

Family and friends tried to stop Jacqueline but something had touched her own spirit. This was to be her life’s work, she just knew it. She wanted to tell everyone that we do survive death. One of the first messages Jacqueline received from spirit was “Tell them about the JOY”. This has been her mission in life ever since.

Jacqueline lives Peterborough with her husband and has an engaged daughter. They themselves are great supporters of Jacqueline’s work. “I couldn’t do it without them or the wonderful friends I have made through this work”, says Jacqueline.

The rest, as they say, is history. Jacqueline has since become a well-known, respected and sought after medium. She has appeared on television, radio and in the press. Jacqueline is a tutor and teaches regularly around the country through workshops and seminars on all aspects of psychic and spiritual learning.

Jacqueline is co-founder and Chairperson Emeritus of The Psychic and Spiritual Fellowship based in Peterborough which offers lectures, demonstrations and teaching for those wishing to know more about this subject. All profits from the Fellowship go to charity.

Jacqueline has certificates of recognition in demonstrating mediumship and public speaking from the largest spiritualist organisation in the world, the  Spiritualists National Union (CSNU). She is also a Registered Approved Medium (RAM) of the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM) which is a respected and well established organisation of over 50 years standing.

Jacqueline also has teaching qualifications outside of the spiritualist world in teaching adults in the lifelong learning sector.


Jacqueline's News & View

Jacqueline’s News and Views

Welcome Everyone

I will be updating this section of the site from time to time with stories of my experiences with spirit world over the years, current happenings and other items of spiritual interest.

Do e-mail with your comments and views if you wish.

Angels – Is it True?

Even if Angels are not the sort of thing you are ‘into’, you’ve just got to read this!!!!!

After many years of having a luke warm attitude to angels, about ten years ago, I started to receive my own proof of their existence and their will to help mankind on a person by person basis. (My story of that proof is too long to tell here right now, but the following account gives you a flavour of how the Angels connect with us all.)

Recently, a family member of mine (let us call him Colin), had to have an extremely serious and risky heart operation at an eminent specialised hospital. Only the very best surgeons practice there and people are sent to be treated from all over the UK. Colin is just a normal bloke, not given to mystic leanings and not involved with my work. I say this as it will become clear later just how miraculous things happened. Of course, the family were tense and worried, and I became personally involved. I stayed at a hospital flat for a week with Colin’s wife to help support her at such a difficult time.

The Angel who is considered to be the ‘angel of healing’ is Arch Angel Raphael. It is a widely held belief that when he is responding to a request for his help, he will give VERY definite signs and signals that he is there. I work with the angels every day, so of course, I asked Arch Angel Rapahel to help. I mentally requested that he be present and stand at the head of Colin during his operation. I also asked that he help the surgeon’s hands to be guided through any problems and bring about a good outcome. Although Colin’s wife had never heard of Raphael, she was grateful for any help. Only the two of us knew about the angelic request.

The day of the operation dawned and we left Colin in the ward to be taken down for his surgery. We were not to see him again for ten hours. The surgery ended at 9pm and the surgeon, (who is one of the most eminent in his field), personally telephoned Colin’s wife. It is most unusual for a man in his position to make a personal call like this. He told her that when he opened up the chest, he was deeply concerned to see the unusual state of Colin’s heart. The heart lay in a very strange position and had done so from birth, although Colin had had no symptoms and no one, (not even the surgeon prior to the op), was aware of this. The surgeon was a very forthright man and had always told Colin and his wife that he did not believe in hiding information from patients and their family. He stated that in his long career, this had been one of the most difficult operations he had ever performed. What he found inside was completely unexpected, despite scans and other tests carried out previously.

He further explained that during the operation, Colin’s heart had literally broken in his hands, the top falling off of the heart. Somehow, he had managed to repair this catastrophic damage. He had to think quickly and ‘catch’ the heart as it broke by using the sac of skin it sits in, physically pulling the heart back together with the sac. He said he did not know how they had gotten Colin through the surgery and it was a touch and go situation in theatre.Colin had ‘died’ for 15 minutes. He was taken to critical care. It was going to be a long night.

The family saw him briefly that night. He was on a ventilator, with all the trappings of intensive care. Things looked grave and if he survived, he was expected to be in a very bad way. Staff said to come back again at 8am the following morning.

Upon entering the critical care ward the next morning, Colin’s wife and son were amazed and delighted to find the staff laughing with Colin, who had apparently been teasing the nursing staff during the night. (A miracle in itself considering he still had a breathing tube in at that point.) He was quite alert if a little groggy. The first thing he said to his wife and son was “A man called Raphael wheeled me down to my operation yesterday”. Colin’s wife was absolutely staggered! “How do you know?” she asked. “I had a conversation with him and asked him his name. He told me he was Rapahel.” Arch Angel Raphel had sent a massive sign that he was at Colin’s head as requested, taking him down into theatre. Colin made an amazing recovery and went home only four days after his surgery. An extraordinary recovery.

Were the surgeon’s hands guided by some unseen or angelic force to perform such an unusual manoeuvre? Was Colin’s subsequent amazing recovery due to that same force? I know what I think.

We never did find the Raphael who wheeled him down the theatre. Was it really Arch Angel Raphael himself, or did he orchestrate a very spiritual ‘coincidence’ to show us that he was guiding the surgeon and bringing a miraculous healing to Colin? Angels can appear to us in human form, just going about their business unbeknown to us. Whatever the explanation, our prayers for healing were answered and Colin continues to do well.

You too can ask angels for help any time you need to. Just ask, and they will help. Try it. You may be surprised!

So, dear Arch Angel Raphael. Let me thank you here on the world wide web where all can see it. Thank you x

Love & Light until next time.


Physical Phenomenon 2 – The Story of the Butterfly

When people book in for readings, I never know what the spirit world has in store (for either the client or myself). After many years of working with spirit, we mediums can be less liable to surprises and forget the wonder of the work we undertake on a daily basis. Because of this, spirit will regularly shake us out of our complacency and remind us of the amazing fact that we do live on. They have many ways of proving this to us. The following is a short account of an unusual occurrence which happened during a reading.

As the lady arrived for her appointment, we sat down in my workroom which is used only for readings and spiritual work. Things started out as usual and I explained to the lady what would happen during the reading. As I was talking, I became aware of a young spirit woman of about 30 years old. She told me she had died of cancer and that she was the lady’s daughter. It’s always so sad to hear that someone has passed so young, and her mother was quite emotional about hearing from her daughter as you can imagine. Her daughter however, was full of life and naturally wanted her mum to know she was ok and still visited her from time to time. The spirit lady also talked about her little son (five at the time), and about other facts to do with herself and the family.

The table I sit at with my clients faces a window with floor to ceiling net curtains. For some reason, the lady and I looked up to just above head height at the same time, and there in front of our eyes on the curtain appeared a big bright blue butterfly with a wingspan of at about 3″ (7cm). The blue colour was the colour of the sky on a sunny day. When I say the butterfly ‘appeared’ before our eyes, I mean just that. It did not fly in, (there were no windows open in the room, nor indeed, throughout the house. This reading was the first of the week, so no one had opened the door of my room since before the weekend). It did not crawl out from behind the curtain. No, it just manifested before us in all its glory. It literally materialised in front of two people. We looked at one another to make sure neither of us were imagining things. We could both see this objectively. The curtain, only about a foot in front of us, gave us a perfect view of this lovely ‘manifestation’. The butterfly stayed there for a couple of minutes while we talked excitedly about what had happened. It then disappeared. We looked behind the curtains, on the floor, in fact everywhere. We could find no sign of it. On further investigation, I have found out that a blue butterfly exists in the UK, but as far as I am aware, not with the wingspan of the one we saw that day.

The butterfly is often used as an analogy to explain our passing from this world into the next. Our spirit exists within the ‘chrysalis’ of our physical body. When we pass from the physical plane of existence the other side, our spirit transforms from being encased within the body to the freedom of living in the spirit world, expressing and understanding the true beauty of our own soul and the reason for it’s journey through time. We literally change from one form of existence to another, just like the butterfly.

Apart from the fact that this was an amazing thing to happen, you may wonder what relevance the butterfly had in the reading. The lady told me that whilst driving her young grandson in the car not long before the reading, a butterfly landed on the tip of her grandson’s finger through the open car window. He said “That’s my mummy!” Once again, spirit have provided proof of survival, and a mother was able to connect with her son in this unusual way.

Love & Light until next time.

Spirit Speak – Recent Experiences of Physical Phenomena

When my home circle was due to reconvene as usual following a Christmas break, I was setting things up as normal waiting for the group to arrive. Suddenly, the spirit world made me strongly aware that I was to start what is known as a ‘Physical Circle’ that very evening. No warning – just like that!

I have to confess that physical phenomena has never been at the top of my list of activities over the years, but this prompt from ‘upstairs’ felt so strong, I had to follow it. I tuned into my spirit helpers and was advised on how I was to set up the room, which circle member was to sit where and so on. We were to work in what is considered nowadays to be quite an old fashioned way i.e., no light, a ‘trumpet’ or cone with luminous tape top and bottom on a table in the middle of my (very small) circle room, plus all activities were to be recorded on a digital voice recorder.

I followed instructions as given, but to be frank, I was not convinced this was the right way forward. I have worked a little in the distant past on physical phenomena experiments, but always in some form of light (daylight, electric etc.), so I was baffled about this new departure by my spirit team. Anyway “Onwards and upwards” I thought.

On the group’s arrival, we went into the circle room with the light still on. As mentioned before, it’s a very small room indeed, so eight of us are virtually ‘shoulder to shoulder’. Anyone moves and you can feel it. We sifted cornflour onto the top of table so that when the trumpet is placed, any other movement (be it spirit or earthly), can be seen on the imprint into the substance. The recorder was switched on, the lights extinguished and proceedings commenced. We chatted normally and with short periods of silence here and there to allow for any voices on the DVR to be heard.

After a few minutes, we all saw the ‘trumpet’ start to elongate and become almost liquefied at the top. It’s top half twirled and undulated around. The luminous tape at the top spun so much that it looked like a lighthouse; when I could see it, the luminosity was obliterated for the person opposite. This went on around the circle as it spun. This was not a subjective experience, but an objective experience, i.e., we could all see the effect of spirit’s energy on a physical object. We also all saw lights and heard noises in different areas of the room.

We were all very impressed with what we had seen, but now we had to find out if any spirit voices were recorded. We were not disappointed. We could hear voices clearly, both in some of the silent segments and also spirit speaking over the top of our own voices. (There is so much to tell here, but it would be a very long piece if I went into every detail). Towards the end of the 45 minute recording, my voice could be heard saying “I wonder if we are supposed to continue with this physical circle”. When we listened to the recording, a calm spirit voice answered “In this room, in this room” very clearly and with no ambiguity! What an amazing evening with spirit we had, and there have been lots more since.

Sceptical? I have always liked verification of any information I receive from spirit and now, I want to work on verification for the physical phenomena experiments. I know the spirit world want this too.

We will keep going with our endeavours and I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Love and Light until next time.


‘Write’ Spirit

As a working medium giving readings daily (a job I am so grateful to be able to do), it is sometimes hard to keep in mind after seeing so many thousands of people over the years, that each message from the spirit world is a miracle. Recently however, I had the most amazing and wonderful affirmation of life after death.

It was just an ordinary day. I was waiting as usual for the first of my client’s to arrive for a reading. About twenty minutes before she knocked on the door, I felt ‘inspired’ to start writing about the spirit person who wanted to speak to her. (I had never met nor did I know the lady). I wrote the time at the top of the page and waited.

As soon as the pen touched the paper, I started to write and my hand just ‘ran away’ with words, faster and faster. It was the lady’s father communicating with me via the written word. He told me he was from Northern Ireland and that he belonged to the Orange Order (well known over there). He said he was a very big, burley man with a massively strong personality – definitely in charge of the family. He also told me about his son in spirit, who had worked for the British Army as a spy! The son was also in spirit and had died as a result of illness a little after the troubles ceased. There were many, many more details (some of which I cannot go into here). He was certainly a man who liked to talk though. He also gave me particulars about his daughter who had yet to knock on the door, as well as information on other people on the earth and in spirit.

When she arrived, we sat down and I discovered this was her very first contact with anything like mediumship or readings. I repeated the information I had been given earlier by her dad, plus additional facts which were coming through spontaneously whilst I talked. She told me she was “Absolutely astonished” at the details that were being given and she was a little shaken. To help her further, I brought in the sheets of writing from earlier, all of which she corroborated as correct in every way. She knew then that this information had to be coming from ‘out there’ as all the particulars were written prior to us meeting. We were both overcome with emotion at what had just taken place. I with my 21 years in this movement, her as a first timer, both transported by the miracle of spirit communication.

Why am I telling you about this experience? Because I know that anything that can give spirit a voice has to be related to the wider world. Proof of survival usually takes place one person at a time, receiving their own proof in a quiet room with nobody else to hear. (Good job technology allows me to record onto CD nowadays). As I said before, it is truly a miraculous thing that it ever happens at all as there are many, many obstacles to spirit communication.

What about ‘Write’ Spirit? Well, inspirational writing can take on many forms, and for me, this was one of the best. My first ever message was reinforced by this experience as spirit once again ‘Told them about the joy’.

Love & Light until next time.


‘Spirit are always right, we just don’t know it yet!’

Here is a little story of some evidence I received in the early days of my journey as a medium.

Many years ago, I went to a Spiritualist church called ‘The Beacon of Light’ in Enfield, London. I will always remember seeing one of the old school Spiritualist mediums on the rostrum that night, Masie Causier. The church was packed without a seat left in the place, and as Masie worked, you could feel the absolute love of spirit coming through her that evening. We were agog listening to every word of her address and evidence of survival, which was spellbinding. I was bursting to receive a message (as we all are), but the message I received that evening did not come from the medium on the platform.

I was a student medium at the time and during the service, the voice of my spirit guide (Running Bear), spoke to me. I had only recently become aware of him, and our spiritual friendship and working relationship had only just begun for me. (Of course, he knew me before I knew him!!) He said to me “You will stand where the medium stands now and you will see me walk towards you down the aisle of this church.” I thought I had imagined that voice in my mind, and quite honestly, did not really believe it. As is the case with many fledgling mediums, my confidence was a bit shaky about my spiritual abilities. Not very long after this, I moved away to Peterborough, so did not go again to the ‘Beacon’.

My life and work continued on over the years. I did not give much thought to Running Bear’s words as I was busy rushing here, there and everywhere giving readings, demonstrations and teaching mediumship.

Recently, I was invited to give a service at the Beacon of Light. I accepted with great pleasure, but strangely, did not remember the ‘prediction’ Running Bear had made all those years ago. As I stood on the rostrum and delivered my address, I looked to the back of the church and walking towards me was my dear spirit friend. It was only then that I remembered what he had said to me all those years before. I won’t even attempt to describe the feeling of wonder this gave me as his words came back to me. This was an amazing affirmation for me that spirit do exist and that we do survive our physical death.

Spirit never cease to amaze me. Even after all the up’s and down’s that mediums experience within their work, spirit (of course) have the ability to bring us back to what it’s really all about – proof. A ‘Beacon of Light’ shone on me that evening, and it has given me a renewed sense of my personal connection with the spirit world.
What about the title of this little piece? Well, I always say to my students when they are doubting their ability, ‘Spirit are always right, we just don’t know it yet”. I’m sure they think I just say it to butter them up, but as you can see now, this little example of spirit’s dogged determination to show us what’s what is a great example of one of my favourite sayings. Take note you students out there J.

Psychic & Spiritual Fellowship Programme


Jacqueline is founder of the Fellowship

Established 15 years ago, The Psychic & Spiritual Fellowship continues to offer demonstrations,

talks and evenings of clairvoyance.



Entrance is £5.00 (and includes refreshments)

All profits are donated to local good causes.


First Wednesday of Every Month

7.30 to 9.30 pm at:

The Paston & Gunthorpe Community Centre,

Hallfields Lane

Peterborough  PE4 7YH

 Enquiries: Tel 01733 347164

  Our events are forever popular, so arrive early and pay on the door.

Television and Radio

Television and Radio



See an e-mail below from a member of the audience at Living TV’s ‘Psychic Live.’

BBC1 TV – Test the Nation

Jacqueline was invited to appear in the popular national quiz hosted by Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson.

LIVING TV – Psychic Live

Jacqueline has appeared on Living TV’s Psychic Live. “This is one of a kind. We literally do everything ‘live’ – no editing like most TV shows.”

She was asked to put together an item for people to test their own psychic abilities. “In order to show how to use their latent psychic ability and to close off afterwards, I took the studio audience (and millions at home LIVE) through a guided visualisation experience. This proved to be a successful item and so many took part in their own homes, as the phone calls to the studio afterwards testified. People wanted to tell us what they had seen and achieved during the show”.

In another episode of ‘PSYCHIC LIVE’, Jacqueline was se the task of demonstrating Psychometry (psychically sensing information from an article or place) to a live audience. “I was given no information before the broadcast and I was asked to hold an old- fashioned nurses uniform. I sensed this was a WW1 uniform and clairvoyantly saw a large, old building on a cliff, overlooking the sea. I also felt that children had been playing with the item. I felt the names of Emily and Charlotte were associated with it”, says Jacqueline. Afterwards, an old photograph of the nurse wearing the uniform was shown on the screen.

Following the demonstration the gentleman who provided the uniform (who Jacqueline had not met) confirmed that he owned a school housed in a very old building on a cliff overlooking the sea, which was used as an army hospital during WW1. He also confirmed that children had played with the uniform many years ago. His daughter was Charlotte. This confirmed most of the evidence, but not the name Emily. Everyone thought that was the end of the matter until some further information emerged.

Unknown to all concerned, sitting in the audience was an elderly lady who had no connection with anyone on the show or indeed, the gentleman with the school. The producer phoned Jacqueline the next day and told her that the old lady had been amazed when she saw the photograph of the nurse appear on the screen as this was her grandmother, whose name was Emily. “This is a wonderful illustration of how spirit work. There really is no such thing as coincidence”, said Jacqueline, “Emily was determined that her granddaughter would know she was alive and well in spirit, and found a way to get through. The odds of this occurring without some “divine” intervention are extremely remote. That is the Joy of spirit communication – you never know how they will come through. I’m glad the message got to the right person.”

Email: From Joanne and June, Sheffield

‘We met in the Psychic Live studios in December and you saw my Grandad standing behind me!! I would just like to thank you for taking the time to speak to me and my Mum, and to tell us what you saw. I am quite sceptical about the whole business of mediumship, although I would love to believe. I only wish the cameras had been rolling when you told us what you saw to show other people how good you are! The fact that they were not made it even more important to me. After all, you weren’t putting on a show for other people, you simply told us what you saw!

However, what you said to us was absolutely spot on. You described my Grandad exactly . I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing that message on. It meant so much. My Mum was a different person on the way home and it was just the lift she needed. You have almost made a true believer out of me (99% there).

PS: If you are ever in Sheffield , we will be there like a shot. Do you think that Living TV would put a link from their page to you? I think more people should know about you. ‘



Jacqueline has taken part in numerous radio broadcasts discussing various aspects of Spiritualism, Psychics and the Paranormal; from spirit communication to the significance of dates. “I like to take the opportunities offered for radio work as this is a wonderful way of spreading the word about mediumship and related topics, whilst taking some of the mystique out of the subject. Hopefully, this will encourage people to find out more about the true nature of this work”.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

BBC1’s “Who do you think you are?”

Jacqueline was the only medium invited to a special family history event held by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire linked in with the hit BBC1 TV series of the same name, which followed celebrities tracing their own family histories. “I have worked with genealogists before helping them to discover things about their family’s past, especially when they have hit a dead end and cannot go further without some information to solve the mystery. I spent the whole day working as part of the crew, giving readings and tuning in to some fascinating facts.”

An example of this was a lady who knew very little about her father’s past and family. “I used my mediumship to make contact with the lady’s father. He gave me his name (George), and the fact that he had passed with Alzheimer’s disease. All correct. George then showed me a map of London in my mind (clairvoyantly), and pointed to the Harrow area. After further investigation, the lady was able to substantiate the information and continue successfully on with her search. Just another example of how ingenious the spirit world can be when providing proof of survival.”

The spirit world were very busy that day as the reporter waiting to interview Jacqueline for the live radio programme laughed about being in a queue with the ‘dead’ to see her. “We made it in the end and the live broadcast certainly gave people a different insight into the varied work of a medium.”

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

A discussion was held on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire in which a reading by Jacqueline was the topic of conversation. Her work was described as ‘spot on’ and was praised for its accuracy, content and detailed nature regarding the person’s life and messages from loved ones.

“Although I did not take part in the discussion forum”, says Jacqueline, “it is nice to hear that people are happy with the work I undertake. I strive to maintain a high standard and believe I am helped in this from my Guides and Guardian Angels”.

In the Press

In The Press



Jacqueline was approached by Fate & Fortune Magazine to take part in their ‘Psychic Roadshow’ feature where two members of the public are chosen at random by the reporter (literally from the street) to receive a 15 minute reading. See the article below:

 click on the article above to read all the details

See Fundraising news and pics for more press articles.

REAL MAGAZINE headlines read:

“Medium told me my dad’s name and favourite drink”.

“I walked around smiling for the next two days. I no longer felt dad was completely gone”.

The national woman’s magazine ‘Real’ conducted a special report on mediums and their work. They asked Jacqueline to take part in a ‘blind’ test. “The magazine wanted to see if mediumship was genuine or mind reading, so they approached me to take part”.

“They set up a reading with someone unknown to me or them in a location of their choice. I was only told the lady’s name was Jennifer and the location for the reading was an office in London”.

“Her father, who had passed away during the previous year, made contact and told me many details about himself which Jennifer was able to corroborate, together with his name (John) and various details about Jennifer herself. He told me there were some important papers in a plastic folder but this was not understood at the time of the reading”.

A few days later, Jennifer had a call from her mum telling her that her brother had gathered all the hymns and readings from dad’s funeral and posted them to her mum – in a plastic folder!


Numerous articles about Jacqueline’s work as a medium and tutor appear frequently in local, national and specialist press.




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