Peterborough National Childbirth Trust – £100

Lyndsay Coldrick, Publicity Officer of  the Peterborough NCT gives a vote of thanks to the Psychic & Spiritual Fellowship.

She writes “On behalf of the NCT Peterborough, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the £100 sponsorship money. This will go towards helping to support Mum’s (& Dad’s) suffering from post natal depression. This is such a debilitating illness and those who have experienced it will understand only too well how the support and understanding of a group like the NCT can help them through this difficult time.”

Jacqueline writes “I suffered from this terrible illness 25 years ago and it was with the help of my then local NCT that I made a full recovery. Well done Lyndsay and friends. Keep up the good work for today’s parents.”




Running for NACC2 (Chron's & Colitis UK) – £30

Stacey Dickens, 22 (pictured wearing her medal), completed a run on behalf of Chron’s & Colitis UK in the spring. Stacey suffers with this distressing and often debilitating illness and as a result, has the onset of arthritis which often comes with this condition. Although she had a few tears during her run because of the pain (unusual for such a cheerful girl), she completed the course and raised £477.00 for the Chron’s charity.

Stacey sends a big “Thank You” for our contribution. You’re welcome Stacey.

Fundraising for Spencer's Fire & Ice Ball – £400

Jacqueline demonstrates her mediumship at special fund raising events on behalf of Phoenix School, Cherry Lodge Respite Centre and the Corpol Charity

Jacqueline has been helping to raise funds for the Phoenix School and related charities again in 2011. A special evening of mediumship was held at the Park Inn Hotel Peterborough on the 11th March, which sold out very quickly. People were treated to a demonstration of spirit communication, in addition to which, a buffet supper was served after the event.

“Spirit were definitely making themselves heard loud and clear with names, unusual details and events which only the recipient of the messages knew” said Liza Shwartz, organiser of the event (see her details below under ‘Friends of Phoenix School’). “We were raising funds towards our biggest event of the year. The ball we stage each spring raises thousands of pounds towards our chosen charities. We would like to thank Jacqueline in her personal capacity as a medium for her continued support and also, the Fellowship and the people who attend the events in Paston each month for supporting our charities.”

An extra bonus for the audience was that Jacqueline always wears a digital voice recorder so that each person who receives a message gets a free CD recording of the contact with spirit. “As far as I am aware, I am the only medium in the country who makes sure that messages are recorded at public demonstrations, not just in private readings’ said Jacqueline.

The ball itself was held in early April and Jacqueline gave five minute recorded readings to guests (including the Mayor of Peterborough), which raised further funds for the children.

If you would like to donate to these causes, please see website below.

Gifted boy gets the chance to shine – £130

Nine year old Kyle is a gifted, imaginative and talented actor. He desperately wanted to go to the Key Youth Theatre in Peterborough to get some training, but he and his hard working mum are on their own and living on the poverty line. We decided he deserved a chance, so have paid for a couple of terms at KYT for him. He’s like a dog with two tails, and keeps saying ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’. He’s working hard and is very dedicated, so watch this space. He’ll definitely be famous one day! (Remember, we at the Fellowship are psychic – so we won’t be wrong LOL!)

Friends of The Pheonix School – £500

The Fellowship now has close ties with the Friends of The Pheonix School in Peterborough. All the funds raised from our December 2009 event were donated to a fund set up to enable the school to provide a suitable play area for children with very special needs. Please do have a look at the school’s website. I was given a tour recently, and their outstanding work has to be seen to be believed. The parents and staff truly are an inspiration. It is a place of joy and hope – amazing!

Liza Shwarz, whose son Spencer attends the school said “We are raising funds towards a specialised children’s playground at The Pheonix School so the children there can enjoy the pleasure of using swings and other play equipment just like any other able bodied child. The difference is that thousands of pounds are needed to provide just one piece of the very specialised equipment required. For example, one swing for a child that cannot sit up would cost approximately £26,000. We always much appreciate donations like this and we would like to thank the PSF and all people there who donated to our fund.”

If you would like to help, see

Multiple Sclerosis Skydive – £50

It is Kyren’s 18th Birthday on 23rd December, and to celebrate the day, he is taking part in a skydive from at least 13,000 ft. at bps Langar, Notts. One of his best buddies, Michael Panter has been mad enough to agree to accompany Kyren, and they have decided to raise money towards MS Therapy.
(in photo Michael Panter and Kyren Wilson)

Micheal Panter’s auntie Linda is a Fellowship Committee member and she told us about the boys’ fundraising efforts. We are delighted to donate £50 to their fund. It’s just a fallacy that all youngsters waste their time!

For more information, see and enter Michael Panter.

Combat Stress (Help for Soldiers) – £100

We were contacted by Combat Stress to ask for help towards the expense of keeping their voluntary organisation going in Peterborough.

Elaine Danaher said “Our aim is to provide help and support for Ex-service personnel and their families who are experiencing mental issues from past and present military conflicts. Each month we have representatives from Combat Stress, MIND and the Veterans Agency, who are on hand to help anybody needing financial help, assistance with mental and other issues etc., giving pointers on how to arrange help from various relevant organisations.

With the help of the Dean of Peterborough Cathedral, we are able to have a room within the grounds of the Cathedral on the First Tuesday of each month. We have been up and running since June 2009, and our group is getting bigger every day. Everyone gives their time free, but we need constant funding to keep going to cover expenses such as the £34.00 for 2 hours each month, for the hire of the room.”

If you would like to know more or wish to donate, please email:

Gift for fire family in the right spirit.

Debbie Layton and her son Jaydon, whose house was damaged in a fire, receive a cheque for £500 from Jacqueline Lesley of the Psychic and Spiritual Fellowship.

A mother from Gunthorpe who narrowly escaped with her six-year-old son from a devastating house blaze has thanked a well-wisher who gave her £500 to get back on her feet.

Debbie Layton and son Jaydon became trapped in their home, in Cheviot Avenue, Gunthorpe, Peterborough, after a fire broke out in their lounge on the evening of March 31. Jaydon had to be dropped from an upstairs bedroom window into the arms of his grandmother, Linda Layton, while Debbie (28) was rescued by firefighters after falling unconscious in the smoke. But despite escaping with their lives, the contents of the house were destroyed in the incident, and Debbie and Jaydon have been forced to live with Linda since the blaze.

To help them, Jacqueline Lesley, chairwoman of the Psychic and Spiritual Fellowship, a group which meets every month at the Paston & Gunthorpe Community Centre, has donated £500 to the family. Debbie said: “I have never even met the lady before, but my mum and her friend go to the fellowship meetings regularly. I was told Jacqueline was sending me a cheque for £200, but when I opened the post, it was for £500. I couldn’t believe it. It was a real shock, but it is a lovely gesture, and is very much appreciated”.

“Almost everything in the house was destroyed, so this will be a really nice start to getting our lives back on track. One of the main things I need is a bed for Jaydon, and this will go towards that, but there is so much to do.”

Jacqueline, on behalf of the PSF who have in the past has donated money to a variety of schools and families in the city, said she was very pleased to be able to give Debbie the donation. She said: “We always put all the group’s profits back into the community for a good cause, whether it’s a charity or a specific case, such as this one. A friend of the Layton family told me about what had happened, and we thought it was an excellent way to use the money, and were delighted to help.”

Debbie’s mum Linda, who lives close by, added: “It is a lovely gesture, and is going to a very good cause. Every penny counts, and it is helping her rebuild her life. The fire could have resulted in my not having a daughter or grandson, so it was very frightening, but it is nice that someone can be so helpful afterwards.”

Coronation Street's 'Ken Barlow' Raises funds for the PSF

The Psychic & Spiritual Fellowship were very honoured that William Roache MBE generously agreed to come and give a talk entitled “The Psychic Side of My Life” at the John Clare Theatre in Peterborough to help raise money for our local charitable donations fund. All the tickets were sold out and we raised £650 towards the fund.

We would like to extend our thanks to William Roache for giving up his time in coming to Peterborough.