Friends of The Pheonix School – £500

The Fellowship now has close ties with the Friends of The Pheonix School in Peterborough. All the funds raised from our December 2009 event were donated to a fund set up to enable the school to provide a suitable play area for children with very special needs. Please do have a look at the school’s website. I was given a tour recently, and their outstanding work has to be seen to be believed. The parents and staff truly are an inspiration. It is a place of joy and hope – amazing!

Liza Shwarz, whose son Spencer attends the school said “We are raising funds towards a specialised children’s playground at The Pheonix School so the children there can enjoy the pleasure of using swings and other play equipment just like any other able bodied child. The difference is that thousands of pounds are needed to provide just one piece of the very specialised equipment required. For example, one swing for a child that cannot sit up would cost approximately £26,000. We always much appreciate donations like this and we would like to thank the PSF and all people there who donated to our fund.”

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