Fundraising for Spencer's Fire & Ice Ball – £400

Jacqueline demonstrates her mediumship at special fund raising events on behalf of Phoenix School, Cherry Lodge Respite Centre and the Corpol Charity

Jacqueline has been helping to raise funds for the Phoenix School and related charities again in 2011. A special evening of mediumship was held at the Park Inn Hotel Peterborough on the 11th March, which sold out very quickly. People were treated to a demonstration of spirit communication, in addition to which, a buffet supper was served after the event.

“Spirit were definitely making themselves heard loud and clear with names, unusual details and events which only the recipient of the messages knew” said Liza Shwartz, organiser of the event (see her details below under ‘Friends of Phoenix School’). “We were raising funds towards our biggest event of the year. The ball we stage each spring raises thousands of pounds towards our chosen charities. We would like to thank Jacqueline in her personal capacity as a medium for her continued support and also, the Fellowship and the people who attend the events in Paston each month for supporting our charities.”

An extra bonus for the audience was that Jacqueline always wears a digital voice recorder so that each person who receives a message gets a free CD recording of the contact with spirit. “As far as I am aware, I am the only medium in the country who makes sure that messages are recorded at public demonstrations, not just in private readings’ said Jacqueline.

The ball itself was held in early April and Jacqueline gave five minute recorded readings to guests (including the Mayor of Peterborough), which raised further funds for the children.

If you would like to donate to these causes, please see website below.