Donation to the Pheonix School, Peterborough (a school for very special needs)

A member of the public who regularly attends our monthly events brought our attention to this amazing school as her friend’s little boy has a condition which severely impairs his quality of life. (Read about this below.)

What is Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum?   (

Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum (ACC) is a rare neurological condition in which the Corpus Callosum, the major ‘pathway“ for information which links the two hemispheres of the brain, fails to develop fully.

The condition is usually diagnosed by CT (Computer Tomographic) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan.The effects of the condition are variable; ranging from normal development (where the condition may be undetected or be revealed incidentally), through mild developmental delay to severe learning difficulties, epilepsy, visual impairment and delayed motor development. There may be other brain malformations present, for example microcephaly (small brain) or hydrocephalus (obstruction of the flow of fluid in the head).

'Elderly Lady Caring for Father'

Pat is a lady who is 75 and is caring for her 95 year old father who has Alzheimer’s. This is the letter she wrote to us.

“My Dear Jacqueline,

It meant so much to me to see you recently for my reading as I have been waiting so long for it, but my present circumstances had made it impossible as I cannot leave my father.

As you saw so clearly, I have horrendous financial problems I am under threat of repossession and have now received a court date for next month. I had no idea that your work contained The Psychic & Spiritual Fellowship which raised money to help others and I have to say I was completely astounded and overwhelmed to be given £200 to help me through this dreadful time. I simply cannot express deeply enough to both yourself and to the Fellowship how grateful I am for this most generous gift.

Thank you with all my heart. With heartfelt thanks to everyone”.

Pensioner Suffering from Cancer – £200

A donation was given to a lady who is not only suffering from cancer, but was involved in a bad car accident in recent months. She has been a worker for Spiritualism in Peterborough for 20 years. The money was given so that she can have a little break at the seaside or to help towards cab fairs to and from her many hospital appointments. We felt it appropriate not to publish her name as she lives alone, but we would like to thank her for the lovely raffle prizes she donated to the Fellowship.

Deafblind Centre, Paston Ridings, Peterborough – £1000

Deafblind UK have a residential centre in Peterborough which allows people who are both deaf and blind to live as independent a life as possible. It is kept going by volunteers and staff who we saw at work when we took them our donation cheque.

The kindness shown to residents in this lovely place restores faith in human nature and they all do a fantastic job.

The Felton Family – £400

In June of this year, 14 year old Becki was run over on a pelican crossing by a hit and run driver on her way to school. As you can see, the picture of her in the intensive care unit is such a contrast to the lively girl you see in the second picture. Becki’s family (Mum Theresa, Dad Peter and Lauren and Liam Becki’s younger sister and brother) had to be at the hospital with Becki for 24 hours a day as they had been told by the consultants it was extremely unlikely that Becki would survive her terrible head injuries. This was devastating news for the family.

Photo: Becki Felton (14) in Addenbrokes Hospital ICU
and 8 weeks later at home

Unfortunately in these circumstances, people still have to pay to eat, for petrol (an 80 mile round trip to and from the hospital) and all the normal living expenses. The Fellowship donation helped to ease the family’s financial burden during this very trying period of their life.

Many people sent absent healing to Becki and the family during this period, including my circle and Fellowship attendees. Below is a letter Teresa Felton sent to us following Becki’s return home.

“Dear Jacqueline,

Please pass on our thanks to everyone on the Fellowship Committee for the kind thoughts and prayers over the past couple of months since Becki’s accident. At times we have been at real lows, but the kind words from you and everyone have helped to lift us. The good news is that despite things looking so bad at the end of June, Becki is now well on her way to recovery.

Becki came out of her coma within a week and took her first steps shortly after. Since then, she has continued to baffle all her doctors by her recovery. It is hard to believe that only 8 weeks ago she was not expected to wake up, yet alone be back at home enjoying family life. Becki has many battles ahead of her as she has to undergo a couple of corrective procedures and rehabilitation over the next few months and understandably, she is a little worried, but I am sure she will be ok.

Since your visit to the hospital Jacqueline 5 days after her accident, we have all began to believe in miracles. I remember that you said she had a great life force and that she would live and be normal, and you were right! I now keep these two photos with me to show that miracles do happen. The first is Becki on the day you came to give her healing and the second is as she is now. I am not sure who ‘upstairs’ is looking after her, but they must really love her.

It seems such a pathetic thing to say, given the help and support given, but THANK YOU to you and your circle for all you have done. We will never forget it.”

The Marianne Rooprai Trust Donation – £600

Marianne Rooprai is a local girl in her early twenties. Two years ago, having started a successful business she had all her life before her. Marianne was involved in a car accident which left her paralysed from the shoulders down. A devastating blow for her and the whole family. Marianne has now started the Rooprai Spinal Trust with her fiancée so that she and others can get treatment abroad which may help with the problems experienced in day to day living in such difficult circumstances. See Marianne’s website